Published By: Del Rey
Published: Jun 17, 2014
ISBN # 978-0-34554-848-1
Word Count: 88,000



Acclaimed author Kevin Hearne makes his hardcover debut with the new novel in his epic urban fantasy series starring the unforgettable Atticus O’Sullivan.

For nearly two thousand years, there was only one Druid left walking the Earth–Atticus O’Sullivan, the Iron Druid, whose sharp wit and sharp sword kept him alive while pursued by a pantheon of hostile deities. Now he’s got company.

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Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti

Published By: eKensington
Published: Jun 20, 2013
ISBN # 9781601831514
Word Count: 31,000



“Paranormal romance at its best!” –Cynthia Eden
In human form, Terrent Vilks is all male animal–dark, ripped, predatory. As wolf, he’s unforgettably dangerous, unforgettably hot. Yet Maggie can’t remember him. . ..

Not even when she learns she once agreed to mate him. Yeah, that was years ago, before she was kidnapped and tortured, before she lost her memory. Now she knows just one thing about herself–she’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the monsters who took her, even trust her ex.

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The Care and Feeding of Pirates by Jennifer Ashley

Published By: JA / AG Publishing
Published: Jun 10, 2013
ISBN # 781476450643
Word Count: 80,000



Honoria Ardmore has a secret. Four years ago, the notorious pirate Christopher Raine, arrested for stealing the a ship full of gold bound for Napoleon, makes one last request of Honoria. She grants it, and Christopher is taken out to be hanged. Or was he?Honoria couldn’t have seen him come back to life in the rather thick air of Covent Garden one night, could she? Christopher is long dead and gone, Honoria’s secret with him. Her life has moved on, and now she’s betrothed to a respectable Englishman.

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